Safety Tips

Safety Tips

Always use the utmost caution when operating heavy machinery. Follow all safety instructions provided by the manufactures.

Harvest Safety Tips

  • During harvest Farmers should be aware of the increased potential for fatigue/inattentiveness that may increase the possibility of injury when using farm equipment.
  • Farm workers should know the hazards of flowing grain and how to prevent a grain entrapment.

Farm Equipment Safety

  • Thoroughly inspect farm equipment before use.
  • Decrease fatigue by shutting machinery off and walking around at least once every hour.
  • Stay hydrated to maintain awareness.
  • When transporting machinery on roads, have these items in place: a spotter, a slow moving vehicle sign and flags on equipment that sticks out.
  • Read, understand, and follow the instructions in the manufactures operators’ manual.
  • Before working on equipment, make sure machine is turned off and in park or neutral with parking brake engaged.
  • Wait after turning off farm equipment to make sure all parts have completely stopped moving.
  • Supervise children when they are in the vicinity of machinery.
  • Locking hydraulic cylinders or supporting the head prior to working under it, is always recommended.
  • Wear seat belts.
  • Keep all guards in place.

Bin Safety

  • Shut off and lock all unloading equipment before entering a bin.
  • When possible, ladders should be installed inside grain bins as emergency exits.
  • Avoid entering the bin when possible. A long pole can be used to break up crusted grain, instead of having a worker enter the bin. Grain that has crusted over can have open spaces, which will likely not support the weight of a person.
  • Wear a harness that is attached to a properly secured rope.
  • Stay near the outer wall of the bin. If the grain starts to flow, move to the bin ladder or safety rope as quickly as possible.
  • Never enter a bin alone. Have at least one person stand outside the bin who could help should someone become entrapped.


Do not allow children to play in or around grain bins, wagons or truck beds.