Terms & Conditions Update

Updated Terms & Conditions


As part of our ongoing commitment to improve our service to you and your business, we have launched new organization terms and conditions that will:

  • Clarify the customer ownership of the organization, allowing John Deere to better support the organization through staff changes.
  • Allow you to designate which staff members have the authority to manage organization access (Level 2), including entering into contracts with John Deere and accepting terms and conditions.

Immediate Action Required

If the new Terms and Conditions are not accepted by 9 March 2021, the following will occur:
  • Any JDLink service contracts associated with your Organization will be terminated.;
  • Machine and agronomic data are permanently deleted. This includes files currently stored within Operations Center Files Manager.

This notice serves as our 30-day notice to you that we will exercise our right to terminate any JDLink Service contracts (or "subscriptions") associated with your Organization. To avoid this outcome, please follow the steps below:

Log into John Deere Operations Center, JDLink Dashboard, or mobile apps, to accept these changes. One staff member per organization, with the ability to manage organization access (Level 2), will need to do the following:

Provide / review the following information:

  • Legal Entity Name and Address
  • Review Organization Staff (Users)
  • Review Partnerships (Permissions)
  • Review Equipment with JDLink Service contracts
    • Review terminals to ensure they are in the correct organization
    • Review subscriptions
  • Accept or decline Organization Terms and Conditions

As a reminder, you will not be able to do the following until the Terms and Conditions are accepted:

  • Access John Deere Operations Center, JDLink Dashboard, mobile apps, etc.
  • Transfer new terminals into the organization
  • Make changes to subscriptions – activate, renew or change
Chris Krueger
Integrated Solutions Manager
Brandon Keller
Integrated Solutions